Confidential messaging in Information and Communications sector

Make sure your company's reputation is maintained and gain a competitive edge with secure communications. Protect customer data and other intellectual capital in electronic communications.

Confidential data in Information and Communications industry

Nowadays customers and partners expect quick service to keep up with the competition and it’s important to respond to their demands without risking security. It’s important to find secure, but also quick options for traditional mail.

Examples for what to secure in Information and Communications sector:

  • Customer information
  • Personnel data
  • Product development
  • Different reports
  • Information of business operations
  • Information of data systems
  • Production details
  • Information of critical infrastructure
  • Cooperation and partner agreements

Securing information in information and communication sector

Encrypting e-mails in information and communication sector

E-mailing is way faster than traditional mail and in e-mail communication it’s relevant that customer’s confidential information is secured. Utilizing e-mail encryption, for example, all messaging relating to an offer can be handled quickly and safely also outside of opening hours. A message can be sent to any e-mail address securely and the customer can open the offer without registration or passwords. You can also provide the customer with an option to initiate encrypted connection with the company, which gives the customer the ability to start the communications safely and electronically – from wherever and when they have the time for it.

Electronic forms in information and communication sector

Communications from customers and partners, regular and irregular reports as well as different updates of contact information, can be collected for quick handling using electronic forms. In that way service can be accelerated and streamlined.

Secure workspace for sharing of files and communication in a group

In information and communication sector a lot of the files, which have to be delivered to customers and partners, are large in file size. A lot of messaging is also related to these files. Secure collaborative workspace enables transferring and sharing of large files to different stakeholders electronically. The solution also fulfills the demanding information security requirements, including audit trail.

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Case: Communications sector

In a communications company, employees are hired centrally to all its domestic branches. The sending of employment contracts by post to be signed was considered to be too slow. Digital signature saves both sender and signer time. Signing does not require attendance at a particular place at a particular time or sending letters by post.

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Case: Achieving cost savings with integration

A fund is now saving time and administrative work as different stages of data exchange with customers were integrated into one that expedited processing times. Previously, confidential information was printed, posted, scanned and entered into the system manually. Through integration significant savings in costs have been achieved.

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Case: Collecting necessary information with safe forms

In one municipality, a variety of information was received in connection with e-services. These included registrations, appointments, initiating a matter and giving feedback.

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Case: Avoiding human errors

An insurance company found out that customer's confidential information was accidentally sent by e-mail without protection. Nowadays, the company uses an application that identifies confidential content and automatically protects the outgoing email. Errors are prevented in advance and the company's responsibilities are in order.

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