Confidential communication in finance and insurance

Bank secrecy is one of the most important principles of credit institution operations. Financial data, investments and customer information must be secured in banking and insurance matters.

Confidential data in finance and insurance business

Banks have a duty to identify and know their customers. Customers’ identity has to be identified in a secure way and banks have to be able to show authorities afterwards how the identification was done. Banks also have to be able to inform their customers on what basis the data is gathered and customers have the right to check the gathered information.

Confidential information in finance and insurance can be for example:

  • Offers
  • Financial data
  • Information related to investments
  • Various reports
  • Customer data and materials
  • Agreements

Securing information in finance and insurance

E-mail encryption in banking and insurance services

In finance and insurance sector it’s very essential that confidential data doesn’t leak out of the company. Customers are expecting to receive quick service and in intense competition customers’ demands have to be met. Communication with encrypted e-mail accelerates the bank and insurance services considerably when, for example, communication related to tenders can be handled quickly and efficiently outside the bank’s opening hours. Encrypted e-mail can be opened without registration with just one click at its simplest. In cases where it’s important to identify the recipient, strong electronic authentication can be utilized. Data leaks in e-mail communication can also be prevented with automation.

Electronic forms to support bank services

Contacts and requests for quotes from new potential customers can be easily managed with the use of electronic forms. The information comes in a structured format and can be integrated in to systems in use. Requirements for additional information decreases by using mandatory fields and dynamic forms as the shown questions are formed based on responses given by the user. It’s also possible to ask for attachments, for example, related to loan application.

Secure file sharing and messaging in finance and insurance

Conversation and file sharing, especially with partners and business clients, can be done safely in an electronic workspace. Creating a room is easy for customer-specific communication and rooms can be created for various groups.

Find out how the finance and insurance industry utilize our solutions

Case: Avoiding human errors

An insurance company found out that customer's confidential information was accidentally sent by e-mail without protection. Nowadays, the company uses an application that identifies confidential content and automatically protects the outgoing email. Errors are prevented in advance and the company's responsibilities are in order.

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Case: Achieving cost savings with integration

A fund is saving time and administrative work as different stages of data exchange with customers were integrated into one that expedited processing times. Previously, confidential information was printed, posted, scanned and entered into the system manually. Through integration significant savings in costs have been achieved.

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