Confidential communication in educational establishments

For example, the Personal Data Act and the Act on the Openness of Government Activities determine how confidential information should be dealt with in educational establishments. Protect student data and cooperation with public administration and businesses.

Confidential data and information security in educational establishments

Information security issues are a part of educational establishment’s daily operation. Confidentiality’s purpose is not to conceal the institutions own operations but to secure privacy and common interest. All information, for example, of a student’s or a staff member’s health, disabilities, habits, hobbies, family-life and other relatable information is classified as confidential.

At schools and educational establishments confidential information is, for example:

  • Personal data
  • Feasibility assessment
  • Absence information
  • Health information
  • Passwords etc. in IT-services
  • Security arrangements
  • Research data
  • International operation
  • Communication with authorities
  • Confidential data concerning financial aid and other applications

Securing information in trade and industry

Email encryption in educational institution

In educational institutions there is a lot of confidential information that is communicated by email. Both the staff and the students have the need to send messages quickly. Email encryption enables messages, for example, of student exchange or authority cooperation to be exchanged safely. With the use of a straightforward email encryption solution, instructions can be made simple and with automation sending of messages containing confidential information can even be prevented.

Electronic forms at schools and educational establishments

Registration, deviations in security, applications for financial aid, scholarships, reimbursements of expenses and information related to international exchange programs, amongst others are easily managed with electronic forms. All data from the forms can be handled digitally and can be integrated to systems already used by the establishment. This way the time used to handle these applications is diminished considerably. The forms also can accept documents as attachments. This way a student can send a health statement or certificates of completed courses from other schools, for example.

Secure workspace for messaging in group and for sharing files

Teamwork in school projects is made easy with a secure workspace. For example, surveys can be carried out securely. Deltagon’s solution works great in situations where the project needs a secure but easy to use platform. User can be identified with email address, for example, and user management can be taken care of easily and centralized.

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Case: Commmunicating confidentially with customers abroad

One government institute has customers widely in Finland but also Finnish customers abroad. One target group for example is students doing their degree abroad, and exchange students. Communication with them must be done on a regular basis and it should be as smooth and inexpensive as possible.

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Case: Collecting necessary information with safe forms

In one municipality, a variety of information was received in connection with e-services. These included registrations, appointments, initiating a matter and giving feedback.

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Case: Avoiding human errors

An insurance company found out that customer's confidential information was accidentally sent by e-mail without protection. Nowadays, the company uses an application that identifies confidential content and automatically protects the outgoing email. Errors are prevented in advance and the company's responsibilities are in order.

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Case: Collecting confidential data in recruitment

A trading company recruits dozens of employees each year. Especially during the summer season the company has a need for extra labor, and a rapid recruitment process is necessary due to a large turnover of employees. How to get a secure channel for the submission of job applications?

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