Information security solutions for protecting electronic communication

Deltagon develops information security solutions for the needs of companies and organizations in different industries. Functioning information security is the best protection against risks.

Securing information in e-communication and e-services

Electronic communication and electronic services involve significant risks that companies must manage. We'll provide you with user-friendly solutions for the protection of confidential information.

Our solutions help you solve business challenges, starting from protecting the confidentiality of single e-mail messages to confidential group messaging and information sharing.


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Case: Industrial sector

With the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Data Protection Officer receives countless subject access requests. How to receive these requests securely, handle them confidentially and send the information safely to the data subject?

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Case: Service sector

A company operating in service sector needed access to a channel through which customers, staff and other stakeholders could safely reveal their knowledge of internal corruption and misconduct within the organization. The system had to be implemented in such way that the identity of the whistleblower was protected and that the notices were made completely confidential.

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Case: Insurance fund

A fund is now saving time and administrative work as different stages of data exchange with customers were integrated into one that expedited processing times. Previously, confidential information was printed, posted, scanned and entered into the system manually. Through integration significant savings in costs have been achieved.

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Case: Law firm

An attorneys-at-law office needs all important documents straight away for the start of a new commission. Now all confidential documents can be sent using secured e-mail direct from the office’s website. The company now has an excellent level of customer service.

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Case: Industrial company

An industrial company with high safety standards needed to gather data from visitors for background checks. Collecting data was difficult because of its sensitive nature. With our secure electronic form solution gathering data and managing it became easy, safe and fast.

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