Secure information sharing Deltagon collabRoom

Share files and communicate securely with both internal and external users.

Secure file sharing and group messaging

Deltagon collabRoom is a secure workspace, which easily combines file sharing and messaging as a whole. Confidential information can be shared safely and securely with different interest groups. Deltagon collabRoom also enables a secure instant messaging and other convenient functions for teamwork.


Secure information sharing

  • Communicate safely among the group.
  • Share confidential files to other members of the group.
  • Reply to messages and comment on files.
  • Chat securely in real time with instant messaging.
  • Several teamwork functions: eg search of a suitable time for the group, allocation of tasks and voting.
  • Controlled system where information security is taken into account.

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Case: Service sector

In a design office, client’s assignments contain almost without exceptions confidential material. Data leakage may endanger the protection of privacy and additionally compromise business or professional secrets. Therefore, information must be handled carefully.

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Case: Technology company

The Board of a private company needed a convenient way to communicate securely from any location because, for example, the security of ZIP files sent by e-mail worried them. Now, thanks to a secure workspace, the Board can communicate confidentially and share files.

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Case: Service sector

A company in the service sector had to share confidential information and files among different stakeholders. Now the company ensures the confidential data remains protected by using a secure solution to share files and to communicate with different stakeholders.

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