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Publish e-forms easily and securely.

Secure form platform to support e-services

Deltagon secureForms is a secure platform for creating forms to support e-services. With the secure form solution you can publish e-forms easily – while maintaining information security. The form platform can be integrated with backend systems so that the information can be transferred directly to internal systems without laborious steps in between. As for the user, Deltagon secureForms works so that the form can be filled and sent electronically directly – without downloading or printing files.


Safe and secure electronic forms

  • Forms can be easily self-published – does not require coding.
  • The user can fill in and sent the form directly.
  • The user can be identified or the form can be signed electronically.
  • Data can be transferred directly to systems – the form is truly electronic and in a structured form.
  • Processes and services can be digitized.
  • Complies with the information security and data protection requirements set for e-services.

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Case: Municipality

One municipality received much information in connection with e-services. Processing data manually had become a problem as it took a lot of time. With secure electronic forms, human resources could be relocated to more important tasks instead of handling forms.

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Case: Industrial company

An industrial company with high safety standards needed to gather data from visitors for background checks. Collecting data was difficult because of its sensitive nature. With our secure electronic form solution gathering data and managing it became easy, safe and fast.

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Case: Trading company

A fast recruitment process is important for a company operating in the trading sector but the personal data of the applicants must be kept safe. For these reasons both e-mail and traditional mail are challenging. Thanks to a secure form platform recruiting is nowadays fast and safe.

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