E-mail encryption Deltagon Sec@GW

Protect your confidential e-mails in a straightforward and secure way.

E-mail encryption solution for confidential communication

With Deltagon Sec@GW e-mail encryption solution you can secure your confidential e-mail messaging easily and securely. E-mail encryption is straightforward and the receiving of a secure message, for example, takes place with just one click at its simplest.


Straightforward e-mail encryption

  • Provides the organization with different levels of protection from easy to use security level up to the national protection level IV (Finland).
  • Secures all necessary e-mails to any recipient – easy to send and receive confidential messages without installations to devices.
  • Helps with setting up and deploying an information security policy. Carry out the information security policies for electronic communications with one guideline.
  • For end-users the use of the solution is straightforward, therefore easy – works even without registrations and passwords.
  • A third party can easily start a secure communications, for example, from your company’s website – even the files reach the destination securely.
  • The efficient solution supports several encryption standards, such as TLS, S/MIME.

E-mail DLP (Data Loss Prevention)

  • Analyzes the realization of information security in e-mail communications with suitable measurements.
  • Ensures the security of confidential e-mails without the danger of human error. The content that requires securing, such as a personal identification number, can be recognized directly from the e-mail traffic.
  • Follows the compliance of information security guidelines in e-mail communications and instruct users to act accordingly. In order for a good information security policy to be implemented purpose-built ways of measuring it are needed.

Deltagon D-Network service

  • Transparent, secure e-mail messaging with Deltagon D-Network service.
  • Enables customers and interest groups an opportunity for completely transparent confidential electronic communication within a secure network.

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Case: Government institute

An organization in the state sector noticed that it was becoming increasingly difficult to provide services in offices and by telephone as the number of customers abroad increased. Now the institution sends decisions and requests for clarification using a secured e-mail, to which customers can reply via our solution, which also makes that the replies are secured as well. Customer service has sped up considerably.

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Case: Law firm

An attorneys-at-law office needs all important documents straight away for the start of a new commission. Now all confidential documents can be sent using secured e-mail direct from the office’s website. The company now has an excellent level of customer service.

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Case: Insurance company

An insurance company realised that confidential customer information was sometimes accidentally sent by unsecure e-mail. Now the company uses an application which recognizes confidential content and automatically secures the e-mail. Errors are prevented in advance and the company has taken care of its responsibilities to its customers.

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