Information security solutions for e-communication and e-services

Ensure the information security of e-communication in your organization. Usability ensures the fulfillment of data security in all situations.

Information security products for electronic information sharing

We provide companies and organizations with information security solutions for protecting e-mail traffic, enabling e-services and sharing information. In addition to safety, we focus on the usability in our solutions so that the solutions are genuinely in use and information security becomes a reality.

Deltagon’s product offering includes among other things secure e-mail, secure electronic forms, confidential group messaging and digital signatures. Our products work seamlessly together and adapts to your company’s processes and systems.

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Case: Government institute

An organization in the state sector noticed that it was becoming increasingly difficult to provide services in offices and by telephone as the number of customers abroad increased. Now the institution sends decisions and requests for clarification using a secured e-mail, to which customers can reply via our solution, which also makes that the replies are secured as well. Customer service has sped up considerably.

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Case: Technology company

The Board of a private company needed a convenient way to communicate securely from any location because, for example, the security of ZIP files sent by e-mail worried them. Now, thanks to a secure workspace, the Board can communicate confidentially and share files.

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Case: Service sector

A company in the service sector had to share confidential information and files among different stakeholders. Now the company ensures the confidential data remains protected by using a secure solution to share files and to communicate with different stakeholders.

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