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Case trading company: Collecting confidential data in recruitment

Applicants personal information must be kept secure when recruiting

A trading company recruits dozens of employees each year. Especially during the summer season the company has a need for extra labor, and a rapid recruitment process is necessary due to a large turnover of employees.

Applications are full of confidential information

Recruitment involves receiving a lot of confidential data, such as health declarations. The application form was available to the applicants in the company’s website, but the company had no secure channel for the submission of job applications. Therefore, the confidential data of the applicants was delivered to the company by e-mail or traditional letter mail. Both situations have their challenges. With e-mail messages, information travels like on a postcard, without data protection. With traditional mail, the information is more secure in an envelope but it travels slowly.

More flexible and secure recruiting for all parties

The company started using an e-form platform called Deltagon secureForms. With it, receiving applications was both secure and fast: applicants confidential information and attachments can now be received without compromising data protection and the applications are received in real-time. Also, the recruiter’s job became easier because the data in applications is now filled in with the same format and comparison of applications is easier and faster than before.

Thus, a secure solution was found to help recruiting that makes the job easy for the recruiter and also for the applicant.

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