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Case service sector: Whistleblowing anonymously

A company operating in service sector needed access to a channel through which customers, staff and other stakeholders could safely reveal their knowledge of internal corruption and misconduct within the organization. The system had to be implemented in such way that the identity of the whistleblower was protected and that the notices were made completely confidential.

Whistleblowing system protects the identity

The company started using Deltagon’s solution to report activity that is deemed illegal, unethical, or not correct within an organization. With whistleblowing system in place, the company can ensure that the whistleblowers identity is adequately protected.

At no point does the person handling the report see any information about the whistleblower. However the actions taken by the handler are stored in the log, so that the handler’s actions may be retrospectively reviewed.

How does the whistleblowing solution work in practice?

A feedback channel was added to the company’s web site to request suspicions of misconduct or violation of the operating principles.

The whistleblower completes an electronic form anonymously which asks for more information about the case. Filled form is sent to a secure workspace using a secure connection. HR or any other pre-agreed party then receives a notification about a new message in the workspace. The handler then logs in to the secure workspace where they get to see the anonymous reports and they can start handling the issue.

By using separate services the company can ensure that the system in which complaints are processed will not have any information on the whistleblower.

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