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Case service sector: Sharing confidential material with several stakeholders

A company in the service sector, specialized in mergers and acquisitions, was looking for a solution to share confidential information related to acquisitions among various stakeholders.

How to manage a large amount of strategic information throughout a multi-stakeholder project?

In an acquisition, a number of different groups from both the acquisition coordinator’s side and from the potential purchaser’s side are involved. Confidential material and information must be shared securely between all parties involved.

A secure workspace keeps the data intended for different stakeholder groups separate

Deltagon collabRoom, a secure workspace for sharing files and messaging, is well suited for precisely this kind of information sharing between multiple stakeholders and so was a suitable solution for the company in question.

Access rights to the shared information could be determined for different parties in accordance with their needs and roles. From the usability point of view, it was important that the same solution made it possible for the parties not only to securely share files but also to communicate confidentially.

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