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Case service sector: Sharing confidential data among project team

In a design office, client’s assignments contain almost without exceptions confidential material. Data leakage may endanger the protection of privacy and additionally compromise business or professional secrets. Therefore, information must be handled carefully.

To enable the design office to do business, information, documents and images must be shared with customers, authorities and various consultants. In order for communication to be fast and efficient, it must be done electronically. For information security reasons, this data cannot be sent by insecure methods.

Challenge was to discuss about the files in FTP server

The office previously had the general conversations with customers either by phone or e-mail and discuss the more sensitive material during face-to-face meetings. Documents were uploaded using FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and memory sticks.

There were several problems in the project team’s old mode of operation. Firstly, the meetings took a lot of time, especially if the customer was in another city. Secondly, document-related communication was differentiated from the documents themselves. Thirdly, there were challenges in document version management.

Looking for a high security solution

The design office was not interested in implementing any heavy systems. However, it was important to have a high-security solution where communication under NDAs could be done with both internal and external parties.

Initially, the company was considering switching to secure e-mail. However, this idea was abandoned because e-mail is challenging when sending large attachments. And because the conversation in e-mail is easily sprawling and difficult to document.

Efficient use of working hours with electronic workspace

The solution to the challenges was found in an electronic workspace where confidential material can be shared, and the content of the documents discussed. Employees were facilitated when both discussion and material were in one place. Customers especially thanked about the easy way to upload files and about the direct access to all documents and versions.

The company noticed that it could save time in projects as there were less “waisted hours”. Thanks to electronic method they were able to take more customer projects and thus increase their business.

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