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Case law firm: Protecting new customer contact information

How to protect information sent by customers

For a law firm, collecting background information goes hand in hand with accepting new mandates. The attorney needs extensive documentation and information. It is often impossible to define and instruct the client regarding the background material needed. Documents are required as they are, with original data intact. Such documents contain trade secrets, information within the sphere of protection of privacy, social security numbers and other sensitive information.

The Finnish Bar Association instructs law firms to protect e-mail in confidential messaging. Consideration of information security and data protection at the beginning of a new commission is part of the advice that the Association gives its members. The challenge has been to provide a new customer a channel through which confidential intercommunication is easy to start.

A secure message to a specific recipient quickly from the Web pages

The law firm solved the problem by taking into use the Deltagon Sec@GW e-mail encryption solution D-Compose application that enables the customer to send secure e-mails. The sending option is linked to the company’s Web site, for example directly to the personnel information, and so the first contact is protected. The customer can add attachments to the message and also their content will remain secure.

With Deltagon’s solution using secure e-mail is easy and the information security level in communication is higher than with files that have simply been archived and password protected.

Initiating secure e-mail communication is easy

By using Deltagon’s solution, customers of the law firm can initiate confidential messaging with the company. The product also enables transferring large attachments so that the customer does not need to send the files separately with multiple different messages for example.

Incoming messages can be directed past the spam and virus filters to prevent them from being left unread.

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