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Case industrial company: Collecting data from visitors in advance

An industry sector company is subject to high safety standards, which is why, among other things, access to the premises is very strictly controlled. As a result, the team leader of a group visiting the company must submit in advance a list of names which includes personal data, such as social security numbers, for inspection purposes. Before permission for a visit is granted, the background and information of every visitor is carefully examined.

Visitor information for background checks conveniently in advance

Collecting information had proven to be difficult because the data could not be delivered by e-mail, for example, due to their sensitive nature. In practice, this meant that the flow of information took a lot of time and last minute changes were not necessarily known to the company.

Electronic data-gathering for easy and secure information management

An industrial company solved the problem with an electronic form platform, Deltagon secureForms. The group leader can now send the name list safely using the industrial company’s browser-based contact channel. Also, any changes to the participant list can be delivered through the same path.

Collecting visitor information and managing it was thus made easy, secure and more flexible.

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