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Case technology company: Improving Board members’ electronic communication without forgetting security

Based on the conversations had in a technology company, it had been determined that the electronic communication between the Board of Directors should be developed with information security in mind.

The company’s Board of Directors consists of 8 persons outside the company and, in addition, the company’s CEO is actively involved in communication with them. This group of nine persons in total needs a convenient way to discuss their future plans in a secure way, regardless of location.

Problem: The difficulty of following the communication and information security risks

In the current situation, the communication has been mostly done by e-mail. One of the information security problems is the fact that out of the group members only the CEO has the company’s e-mail address in use. Some use their own employer’s e-mail and others use their personal e-mail such as Gmail or Hotmail accounts. For example, the meeting material has been sent to the members by e-mail as a password protected ZIP file.

There is a concern, however, about the level of security in ZIP files, the user selected passwords and the storing of files on servers outside the company. Also the lack of protection in the further communication done by e-mail has caused some concern. In addition, sometimes following the long e-mail conversations is challenging. It is also time consuming to search for the latest version of documents and passwords for ZIP files.

Solution: Deltagon collabRoom – secure workspace for groups

Deltagon collabRoom is suitable for group messaging and it combines confidential communication and file sharing between two or more people.

A dedicated secure room is opened for the company’s Board of Directors. With group messaging, the messages are visible to all members at the same time and in a secure manner. Notification of new messages arrives by e-mail or text message, if so desired.

With Deltagon collabRoom’s group messaging, files and messages remain protected in the same place. Since communication is assembled together in a secure workspace, messaging remains intact and everyone sees the communication the same way.

Each Board meeting can have their own meeting folder within the secure workspace. This way all material and messaging related to that meeting remain neatly in order.

Thanks to team work functions, finding a joint time on the calendar is easy and the next meeting can be arranged quickly. In addition, a quick survey of opinions can be done among the members of the group with voting.

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