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Case municipality: The exchange of documents and information securely in municipal government

Municipal governments make ready and handle confidential documents and other materials. Knowledge is confidential before it is public. Problem is that the distribution of the material is slow and the accessibility fort the target network, because normal unsecure email can’t be used to send confidential information.

How can you handle confidential material efficiently when in preparation?

Municipal governments are tasked to prepare cases for the municipal board. That includes, for example, tendering products and services and communication with various experts. Confidential information, as financial and technical material, is handled among many different people and that slows the process down. Using e-mail for confidential material is not allowed, because the information security of an e-mail is the same level as a traditional postcard’s. It can be read by anyone.

Relaying municipal government’s documents and information securely and digitally releases resources and saves time and money.

One municipality wanted a solution that would speed up handling of information. The municipality started using secure e-mail solution which allowed the confidential communication between different operators fast and efficiently.

Deltagon Sec@GW secure e-mail solution gave the municipality workers the possibility to send secured e-mail to any e-mail address. In addition, the responses were securely received directly to the municipality’s e-mail; matters were processed faster and more efficiently than ever before. This opened up resources and gave more time to handle other matters.

Secure workspace to share files and communications

For ease of communications between several recipients the municipality started using Deltagon collabRoom for group communication, which combines secure communications and secure sharing of files between two or more people. In this virtual workspace different groups have different rooms for discussing confidential matters securely. Group communication enable the visibility of messages and files to all of its members simultaneously. Notification of a new message can be sent to you via email or text message, if you so wish.

Within the workspace it’s possible to open a personal meeting folder for each board or council meeting. That gives the possibility to arrange all files and discussions on their own folders per meeting. The collaboration tools make it easy to find room from everyone’s calendar and the next meeting can be decided quickly. In addition, the vote –tool can be used to make a quick opinion poll among the members of the group.

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