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Case municipality: Communicate with the residents confidentially

Confidential information is being handled daily in social services and health care. Every document that has to do with personal information or health information has to be protected.

The information security of an e-mail is the same as a traditional postcard’s – it’s readable by anyone. Also traditional mail is too slow if we want to speed up and modernize processes.

Then how to deliver messages that have confidential information to the residents and stakeholders quickly, but in a secure way that is in accordance with the legislation?

In social services and health care we contact our customers, the residents, regarding confidential information from several services. Often the correspondence includes personal information or information about the recipients health that are, by legislation, to be secured.

Transaction can be cumbersome when the residents have to visit the offices in person or relay via traditional mail to get their matters progressed. This takes time from the customer and also from the municipality clerks.

Fast and secure customer communications with encrypted e-mail

With Deltagon Sec@GW e-mail encryption the municipality can send confidential e-mail and requests for clarification instead of letter post – even straight from the system. Customers can reply to the said e-mails and all this is done securely.

Using the solution is as easy for the municipality personnel as it is for the residents. The message can be sent to any e-mail address. Opening the message does not require any installation or exchange of encryption keys. Running errands becomes fast and secure. Furthermore time and place won’t stand in way of taking care of them.

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