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Case government institute: Commmunicating confidentially with customers abroad

One government institute has customers widely in Finland but also Finnish customers abroad. One target group for example is students doing their degree abroad, and exchange students. Communication with them must be done on a regular basis and it should be as smooth and inexpensive as possible.

Laws regulating official communications

Central government agencies and public bodies function under the responsibility of each ministry. The operation of government agencies and public bodies is affected among other things by the Act on the Openness of Government Activities and the Personal Data Act. For example the Personal Data Act defines the regulations on the protection of individuals with regard to their personal data.

When traditional mail, phone and unprotected e-mail are not suitable

Customers living abroad cannot visit the institute’s brick and mortar offices as they are located in Finland. Using the phone can be costly for both parties and also the time difference makes the communication difficult for example for students studying in Asia. Traditional mail is a slow method for processing cases and also possibly unreliable.

According to the Act on the Openness of Government Activities, unprotected e-mail cannot be used for personal advice because the necessary information has been identified as confidential. Therefore face-to-face interaction, phone, traditional mail and unprotected e-mail are all impossible or at least difficult options.

Deltagon Sec@GW is a solution for confidential communication with citizens abroad

As the institute took our Deltagon Sec@GW e-mail encryption solution into use, it can now send confidential e-mails and further clarifications to Finnish customers living abroad instead of the traditional letters sent previously. Customers can respond to these e-mails, and everything is done securely.

Time and place impose no restrictions on customers handling their affairs

The benefit of this acceleration of the overall process is significant cost savings for both the institute and its customers. In addition the institute has also received positive customer feedback because time and place no longer restrict customer performance of transactions.

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