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Case insurance company: Avoiding human errors

The function of insurance companies is to safeguard the life and economic activity of people, businesses and communities. In the insurance sector, or any other sector which deals with a customer’s personal information, it is the company’s responsibility to ensure that it is being delivered securely.

Even though users are trained, the risk of human errors still remain

The Deltagon Sec@GW e-mail encryption solution provides its users with fast and efficient tools for confidential communication. However, it is possible that the user does not have an understanding of what is classified as confidential material. And even if the users are trained, yet the risk of human errors exists.

Automation prevents data leakage

In order to prevent human errors the insurance company enlarged its use of the Deltagon Sec@GW e-mail encryption solution by taking into use our D-Control application. Securing e-mails was made easier by identifying confidential content in e-mail automatically. Thus, for example, offers that always contain confidential information will be sent in encrypted form. Therefore protecting e-mail is not left to the user.

Nowadays customers understand that they should demand encryption. More problems arise if encryption is not used than if a scalable solution is used.

In the insurance company the use of ad hoc messaging has almost quadrupled since automatic protection was taken into use. This is a clear indication that even if the instructions are in order, confidential material is nevertheless sent unprotected and this is where automatic protection comes to the rescue.

Securing e-mail is part of the everyday operation

When confidential material is recognized and protected based on the definitions in data security policy, the user does not need to worry about protection.

When the information security risks in e-mail communication can be managed centrally, information leaks caused by human errors can also be prevented more efficiently.

The insurance company has been satisfied with how the protection is working. With e-mail DLP (Data Loss Prevention) the company also has a view on the fulfillment of e-mail data security.

The company has understood that even if only one confidential e-mail is sent unprotected, it could cause a bigger case, which will in return create negative publicity for the company.

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