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Case insurance fund: Achieving cost savings with integration

The objective of a certain insurance fund is to finance its customers who need aid. Time is a critical factor for the fund. The problem with handling cases has been that the life cycle of a single case can be up to five years. This is partly due to the fact that the number of cases handled is constantly growing. The procedure has many phases and involves many factors.

Processing messages sent by post takes too much time

The fund found it challenging to exchange confidential information with its customers. First, the files were printed and sent to the customer by mail. Then they waited for a response and in the end the received files had to be scanned and uploaded to the system. It simply took too much time to process messages sent by post.

The use of secure e-mail in the exchange of information and hearing process

The fund wanted to speed up the process by sending confidential material by e-mail. The fund chose the secure e-mail solution provided by Deltagon to be a part of its exchange of information and hearing process.

The Deltagon Sec@GW e-mail encryption solution was integrated into the system in use and all messages sent from that system were protected automatically. Thus it was possible to communicate confidential information with customers more efficiently than previously with traditional mail for example. All incoming, confidential responses could be easily archived in electronic form straight to the system.

Cost savings

The fund felt that it achieved many benefits with this integration into the existing system. These included, among other things, cost savings in handling expenses, uniform procedure for handling, traceability of messages, shortening of procedure handling times and process automation. Also, although the number of cases has multiplied number of employees has not increased. That, too, has helped to save costs.

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