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Case service sector: Sharing confidential data among project team

In a design office, client’s assignments contain almost without exceptions confidential material. Data leakage may..

Information security secure workspace case confidential data sharing files service sector large files


Case industrial company: Secure handling of data subject access requests

With the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Data Protection Officer receives countless subject access..

GDPR General Data Protection Regulation data protection personal data case


Case communications sector: Digital signature in employment contracts

In a communications company, employees are hired centrally to all its domestic branches. New employments are formed on a..

case electronic signature digital signature communications sector


Case service sector: Whistleblowing anonymously

A company operating in service sector needed access to a channel through which customers, staff and other stakeholders..

case service sector whistle blowing whistleblower


Case municipality: The exchange of documents and information securely in municipal government

Municipal governments make ready and handle confidential documents and other materials. Knowledge is confidential before..

confidential information e-mail encryption secure e-mail secure workspace case municipality


Case municipality: Communicate with the residents confidentially

Confidential information is being handled daily in social services and health care. Every document that has to do with..

confidential information e-mail encryption case municipality


Case service sector: Fast and effortless electronic signature to a contract

In one company operating in the service sector, dozens of contracts were signed every day. The mandate did not enter into..

case electronic signature digital signature service sector


Case service sector: Sharing confidential material with several stakeholders

A company in the service sector, specialized in mergers and acquisitions, was looking for a solution to share..

confidential information secure workspace case sharing files


Case insurance company: Avoiding human errors

The function of insurance companies is to safeguard the life and economic activity of people, businesses and communities...

email encryption secure e-mail case email DLP Data Loss Prevention


Case government institute: Commmunicating confidentially with customers abroad

One government institute has customers widely in Finland but also Finnish customers abroad. One target group for example..

confidential email encryption case confidential email

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