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Case service sector: Sharing confidential material with several stakeholders

A company in the service sector, specialized in mergers and acquisitions, was looking for a solution to share..

confidential information secure workspace case sharing files


Case insurance company: Avoiding human errors

The function of insurance companies is to safeguard the life and economic activity of people, businesses and communities...

email encryption secure e-mail case email DLP Data Loss Prevention


Case government institute: Commmunicating confidentially with customers abroad

One government institute has customers widely in Finland but also Finnish customers abroad. One target group for example..

confidential email encryption case confidential email


Case municipality: Collecting necessary information with safe and easy to use forms

In one municipality, a variety of information was received in connection with e-services. These included registrations,..

electronic forms secure forms case e-services


Case industrial company: Collecting data from visitors in advance

An industry sector company is subject to high safety standards, which is why, among other things, access to the premises..

electronic forms secure forms case


Case trading company: Collecting confidential data in recruitment

Applicants personal information must be kept secure when recruiting

A trading company recruits dozens of employees each..

electronic forms secure forms case e-form confidential data


Case technology company: Improving Board members’ electronic communication without forgetting security

Based on the conversations had in a technology company, it had been determined that the electronic communication between..

group messaging secure workspace case


Case law firm: Protecting new customer contact information

How to protect information sent by customers

For a law firm, collecting background information goes hand in hand with..

email encryption secure e-mail case


Case insurance fund: Achieving cost savings with integration

The objective of a certain insurance fund is to finance its customers who need aid. Time is a critical factor for the..

email encryption secure e-mail case

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