What file formats does electronic signature support?

As far as electronic signatures are concerned, PDFs are the most commonly signed documents. However, there are often situations in which it would be desirable that other types of files could also be sent to be signed electronically. Without the need to convert them to PDF files first.

Deltagon secSigned supports all file formats

Signing different documents electronically is effortless with Deltagon secSigned solution. Deltagon's electronic signature supports all file types. For example, in addition to PDFs you can therefore request a signature to a picture, a text document, or an Excel file.

Example 1: An employee logs on to the signing system, takes a photo of a travel bill in JPG format and sends it to the supervisor for approval. The travel expense report signed by a supervisor is delivered directly to the payroll department.

Example 2: In a tripartite transaction, Company A sells the services provided and invoiced by Partner C to Customer B. Customer B sends a billing report from the transaction in Excel format to Partner C for approval and then the report arrives at Company A, which charges a commission from Partner C based on the report.

Signing large files electronically

Many image files and PDFs that contain graphical material are large in size. Deltagon's electronic signature solution also supports large files.

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