What benefits does the Deltagon email encryption solution offer in the O365 environment?

Nowadays many companies, both in the private and public sector, that use cloud services, are in a need of a tool for encrypting e-mails, because confidential information is being sent outside, as well as inside organizations.

Finding the right solution can bring a ton of challenges. For example, exchanging encryption keys, logins, passwords, installations to workstations, incompatibility with e-mail systems and the lack of possibility to encrypt messages in the internal network are all features and problems you might run in to while comparing different products.

In an ideal case, using the e-mail encryption tool is as simple as possible, the threshold to begin using it is low and the solution is utilized efficiently.

Deltagon Sec@GW email encryption solution in Office 365

The Deltagon encryption solution works extremely well with cloud services. For example, in Microsoft Office 365 environment, the usage of Deltagon Sec@GW e-mail encryption solution is easy and fast providing the users with a lot of good features.

Similar user experience for all recipients

The encryption is independent of the recipients e-mail service and thus Deltagon’s solution enables the equal user experience to all who receive an encrypted e-mail. Using the solution is really easy – opening a secured e-mail can be done with just one click at its simplest.

The recipient can reply to the e-mail using the same encrypted connection or even forward the email encrypted. By replying to an expired or deleted encrypted e-mail, a new encrypted connection from the recipient to the sender can be opened if need be.

Choose the level of protection according to the need

The sender has the possibility to choose what level of encryption the content needs. Encrypted message can be opened with one click of a link at its simplest but the sender can confirm the recipient by a PIN-code sent as a text message (SMS) to the recipient’s phone or by requiring identification with bank credentials, for example.

Security levels can be chosen simply by adding a few characters in the end of an e-mail address. When needed, you can ease the use even more with Deltagon Outlook Plugin –tool, which can also remind the sender to think of the appropriate security level for each outgoing e-mail.

Securing data saved in a cloud

The Deltagon encryption solution enables e-mail encryption also in internal networks. In practice, messages saved in the cloud can be encrypted with S/MIME-encryption, which works without exchanging complex encryption keys with the recipient. The message is viewable in the user’s mailbox only with a personal encryption key. Sending the message to a shared e-mail box is also possible, if all the users have the certificate installed.

With the e-mail DLP (Data Loss Prevention) functionality you can prevent information leaks by automatically searching for pre-defined keywords in the content of the messages and attached files. This reduces the risk of human error.

Encrypted communications initiated by an outside party

Deltagon Sec@GW encryption solution offers an outside party the possibility to initiate encrypted communications with the company, even if they don’t have encryption solution of their own. For example, receiving job applications and other documents that contains sensitive and confidential data is made easy using the encrypted connection.

Easy installation and maintenance

The e-mail can be sent to any e-mail address in the world. User specific installation is not needed to send or receive encrypted e-mails.

Deltagon provides its customers with comprehensive installation and support services, as well as the possibility for automatic monitoring for the systems. Deltagon Sec@GW has plenty of different features (for example, forwarding encrypted messages, different security levels, look & feel of the messages and the limitations to the file size of attachments) that can help the companies to build the solution to meet the company needs.

Benefits of Deltagon’s Sec@GW e-mail encryption solution:

  • Enable two way encrypted communications straightforwardly
  • Secure confidential communications also in internal network
  • Give identical user experience to any recipient regardless of e-mail client or service
  • Provide an outside party the possibility to start secure conversation inwards
  • Choose security levels according to need
  • Offer an encryption solution that works without software installations to users
  • Prevent information leaks in e-mail communication with automation
  • Secure the systems with automatic monitoring
  • Centralize the internal key management

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