Using smartphones in confidential business - security threat or opportunity?

Smartphones are nowadays used by virtually everyone from schoolchildren to senior citizens, and the phones are full of personal information. Likewise, employees often handle company’s business by phone as work life becomes more and more digital.

Smartphones are very similar to computers. Among other things, they can be used to read e-mails, video chat and manage banking transactions. Mobile phones considerably alleviate problems with employee mobility. Digitization means that many jobs can be done regardless of time and place.

Customers and partners constantly use their phones when communicating with companies and have come to expect answers quickly. They want to communicate with the devices currently at hand. At the same time, however, a phone and its various applications can store business secrets or other very confidential or sensitive information.

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From the point of view of business, it does not make sense to prevent users from utilizing their mobile devices. From information security point of view, data stored on smartphones and other mobile devices is a challenge, however. Trade secrets, confidential customer information or other sensitive information may leak to third parties or be stored in personal accounts in various cloud services where there is no clear understanding of the level of security.

Security brings opportunities

Information security does not mean that everything must be forbidden. We believe that effective information security is simple and easy for the user. Nowadays there are secure communication solutions available for smartphones and other mobile devices that are in line with a company’s information security policy.

In safe solutions, the information is not stored on the phone by default. Access to information may require different levels of authentication in accordance with the security level defined by the company. Access to information is available from different devices, and access can be denied if necessary. For example, a shared document can be displayed in read-only mode, so it cannot be downloaded.

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From the users' point of view the best solutions are those that work with a PC and a smartphone alike. Thanks to mobile compatibility, the instructions are the same for any device. From a business point of view the need for management also decreases and the costs are kept under control when different devices do not need to have separate solutions.

Mobile devices make running errands and doing business easier and at the same time make work more efficient. Your phone goes wherever you go more comfortably than your computer does. One no longer needs to be at the office to get a contract signed or use couriers and memory sticks to deliver a large confidential file to a customer.

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