Simplicity improves email security

If e-mail encryption is found to be too difficult users many times look for an easier way to do the task. E-mail security is in this case forgotten and confidential data is sent without any protection.

It is important to find an easy and fast way to communicate

Modern day customers expect a fast-paced service in today's electronic world and, in the event of a fierce competition, a message containing confidential information must be delivered as soon as possible.

However, confidential information contained in a message sent to a customer is not intended for outsiders. Unauthorized access to this information can in the worst case cause significant harm to the customer, customer relationship and reputation of the company.

If an employee has a difficult tool in use - or perhaps no tools at all - alternative ways are too often taken to use. However, in these alternatives, security is generally not taken into account from the company’s perspective.

User experience is the key

The user experience is overlooked too often when information security solutions are designed. If data protection is made too cumbersome, users will easily find alternative ways.

When choosing an e-mail encryption solution, or any other information security solution, the user experience should always be considered. If users feel that the product is meaningful and well-liked they also use it.

Functioning email security is simple

User-friendliness and simplicity are generally most important features for end-users. E-mail encryption solution is easy to implement when the Send button prompts you to check the confidentiality of the message each time you send an e-mail, for example. If confidential communication is less common, the user can choose when an individual message needs to be encrypted.

When a user needs to press only one button to send a message safely, regardless of the recipient, encryption is actually used.

Also, the recipient of a message should not be forgotten. On the recipient side, ease of use is just as important. If it is not easy to open a message, it might not get opened. If passwords and registrations are involved, the user experience may even become negative. Especially if communication is not regular.

The risk of human error can be further reduced by identifying sensitive information in messages by automated means based on information security policy definitions. This can reduce the negligent handling of information.

By providing users with solutions rather than limitations, you can significantly increase efficiency, productivity, and above all security.

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