Signature to image file or Excel?

Want to get approval for a complex calculation, chart, graphic, floor plan or similar? After official approval by the parties, you can start the work without worry.

Do you want to digitally sign files in a non-PDF format?

Most files that are sent to be electronically signed by a client are in PDF format. However, saving an image file or, for example, an Excel or CSV file in a PDF format, can significantly complicate its readability. For this reason, Deltagon’s electronic signature solution supports different file formats.


In the middle of a project, for example, you may come across a situation where changes are needed for the original design. The decision-making process must be fast so that the project does not come to a halt and the people assigned to the project await in vain.

For example, with Deltagon's solutions, the situation can be handled as follows:

  1. An electronic workspace is created in minutes for the project team, where they can safely discuss, brainstorm and exchange ideas.
  2. Files can be added to the secure workspace and comments made to them are visible to everyone.
  3. The modified proposal/file can then be sent directly from the workspace to be officially approved by using the electronic signature solution.
  4. The signed document returns to the room for everyone to see and is also delivered to the signatory. If there is no approval, everyone will also be informed about it and modifications can be made to the proposal.

What kind of files would you need approval and signature for? Are the signatures already readily available? If not, please contact us! We are happy to discuss the benefits of digital signatures and the solutions we have, for example, when combined with secure electronic workspace. You can also reach us by using the contact form at the bottom.

What is Deltagon's solution like?

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