Share files by using a mobile device

Do you find it important to have your files secured, but easily shareable with both internal and external stakeholders? Do you want a solution that does not require any software installation for the user, and it works on all platforms?

Share documents, pictures, contracts, plans, drawings, videos, audio and customer data safely. You can also send messages and write comments about the files - also safely. Create groups that may have internal and external users.

Secure information sharing – with any device

Deltagon’s collabRoom is a browser based solution for companies with critical need for information security. Sharing files and information can be easily done with both internal and external stakeholders. Messaging is made easy from, for example, the users own mobile phone. Customer, colleague or partner can also access the information from anywhere, but always securely.


Read messages and view files anywhere

Deltagon's solution is platform independent. You can view the files and discussions on collabRoom with any smartphone, tablet or computer. Files and messages are with you anywhere you go – as long as you are connected to the internet.

If you want to make sure that the files will not spread, you can show them as pictures to the user, instead of the original files. This way you don’t have to download the file to your mobile phone or any other device.

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