Secure workspace enables secure group messaging and file sharing

Communication, file sharing and instant messaging

Working life has changed radically thanks to technology. Nowadays, time is saved by having meetings online with colleagues and also with customers. In addition, sending files, such as contract papers or documents, has become easier with various group messaging software. Business communication should, however, follow good security practices so that messages with important and even sensitive information do not accidentally come into wrong hands.

Therefore we have developed a solution that enables group messaging without forgetting security. Deltagon collabRoom is a secure workspace for groups that enables communication, file sharing and instant messaging electronically but securely.

One effective tool for group messaging

Searching for files takes a lion’s share of many persons working hours. Since in the collabRoom group working space even the confidential information can be shared among the group, all needed information can be found in one place and the search no longer takes time. In addition, secure workspace for groups makes it possible that no separate tool is needed to communicate the same issue. Deltagon collabRoom is fully responsive so it is easy to use on all terminal devices such as smart phones.

Agree on a schedule, ask for an opinion and communicate with instant messaging

Teamwork functions also allow, for example, sharing tasks among the members of the group. In addition, the software makes it possible to find suitable schedules for the group and find out opinions with easy to use voting feature. Group workspace is a comprehensive and convenient way to work as a team or to organize meetings with different stakeholders.

At times, the conversation does not need to involve the entire group, but some things can be agreed upon between the two. In Deltagon collabRoom you can also talk privately with a real-time instant messaging. Also this communication with instant messaging is fully protected.

Create a secure room for each use case

In Deltagon collabRoom different group workspaces, secure rooms, can be easily created to different needs. You can set different security settings to the rooms depending on the intended use. In communication that requires high level of protection the login may require, for example, strong electronic authentication. In lighter communication, participation may be allowed with a simple password, for example.

Messages can be sent to the secure room directly by e-mail or moved to a specific folder over sFTP.

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