Secure messaging initiated by anyone – how can it be done?

A new customer wants to send you material by e-mail so that you can make an offer. The material, however, contains sensitive information that must not end up in wrong hands. How can you provide your customer with a secure way to deliver confidential material?

As an example, insurance companies, funds and companies offering legal aid often receive confidential contact requests asking for consultation or an offer for their services.

In these industries it is crucial that the information is kept safe. Customers are instructed not to send unprotected e-mail. In practice, it still happens if no other fast and user-friendly means are available.

Most secure communication methods designed for corporate use are not suitable for an outsider to start the messaging. For example:

  • With encrypted e-mail the messaging is secure and even files can be attached. Unfortunately, in most cases this means that there needs to be a previous correspondence with the person.
  • The passwords required to open password-protected files sent by e-mail must be sent to the recipient separately.
  • Separate services for FTP (File Transfer Protocol) enable files to be transferred but separates the actual communication about the files.
  • There are many collaboration tools and safe spaces to work and share information but often assigning access rights to outsiders poses challenges. In addition, these services are built on the idea that you already know the person beforehand and expect to be contacted.

How do I secure the confidential contacts initiated by our customers?

Deltagon’s e-mail encryption solution has a browser-based feature that enables a third party to start a secure communication directly from your company’s website, for example.  

The recipient of the message can be a person from your company or a shared address such as customer service, sales or HR. The message can include attachments (even 700 Mb) and the files reach the destination securely.

The recipient of the message can respond to the customer by secure e-mail making it effortless to comment any documents and communicate smoothly.

Do you find it important to know who sent the message? Our solution enables sender identification with multiple alternatives such as using online banking credentials. Now you can be sure of who you are in communication with.

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