Secure handling of sensitive data

Does your company gather sensitive personal data with electronic forms? Have you ever thought where this information is held, what kind of registry they form and who has access to it?

Every time sensitive information is handled or stored, data security and data protection must be taken seriously. Maybe also your organization has the need for a solution that can be used to send, storage and access sensitive information?

Handling the sensitive data gathered with electronic forms

Why not start using a solution, where sensitive data collected with electronic forms can be safely and securely delivered straight in to a secure online workspace.

  • You can control the access to the electronic workspaces with great ease.
  • Access can require the use of strong electronic identification if needed.
  • The data is always safe also in regard to the forms. No data is saved to the form platform.

For example, staff absenteeism’s that may be linked with attachments like sick leave certificates are considered very sensitive information. How about if this information could be delivered to the company’s HR department over the web from the comfort of your own sofa? Electronically delivered information is accessible for the human resources immediately, however, safely stored in an encrypted format.

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