Quick and easy e-signature with Deltagon secSigned solution

Deltagon secSigned solution enables electronic signatures for different kinds of documents and makes practical problems, concerning manual signature, easier. Multiple recipients are able to sign the document regardless of where they are.

How to use Deltagon secSigned solution?

We provide several possibilities for signatures according to different kinds of needs. Signing with Deltagon secSigned solution can work, for example, as follows:

  1. Start: Documents are sent to be signed directly from e-mail.
  2. Identification: The recipient sees the document and is identified.
  3. Signature: The recipient signs the documents.
  4. Verification: The signed document can be verified afterwards.

It is possible to use strong electronic authentication, for example bank identifiers, in electronic signatures to ensure security and reliability. System can also be enabled to check the person’s procuration (can only be done with Finnish SSN and business ID).

The document can be signed electronically by multiple people

With Deltagon secSigned solution the parties are able to sign a document onsite at the same terminal or they can sign the document whenever they want. The document can also be forwarded to another person to sign, for example, if a person doesn’t have procuration.

The sender is able to monitor the status of the document. In addition, the process can be disrupted. The information is safe and can be integrated into back-end systems (CRM, DMS etc.).

Digitalize your traditional signature process with Deltagon secSigned solution. Accelerate handling of cases and make the work of customers and staff easier.

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