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Security of electronic signatures

Electronic signature is a modern method of signing documents, but how trusted can it be?

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Deltagon is now part of State Security Networks Group Finland

On December 7th 2017, State Security Networks Group Finland (later: Suomen Erillisverkot Oy) has acquired the whole of..

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Need to share large files securely?

Sharing large files electronically to outsiders can be a problem for many companies. It is even bigger problem if the..

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Enhance processes with electronic forms

Internal processes can be very complicated and may require contribution from many people. When using a traditional..

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What file formats does electronic signature support?

As far as electronic signatures are concerned, PDFs are the most commonly signed documents. However, there are often..

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What is meant by email DLP?

We at Deltagon often talk about how e-mail DLP can help prevent data leaks and follow the fulfillment of information..

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How to improve business with information security

Companies want to stay ahead of their competitors but to be at the fore front means constant business development, such..

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Independent and user friendly channel for whistleblowing

Reporting internal misconduct, or even suspicions of such, may be high threshold for an employee. If the report can’t be..

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Can confidential information be sent to a mobile phone?

Lab results must be delivered quickly to a client or new user needs to get a password to a system. How can messages that..

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What benefits does the Deltagon email encryption solution offer in the O365 environment?

Nowadays many companies, both in the private and public sector, that use cloud services, are in a need of a tool for..

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