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A boost for internationalization by change in the ownership base

As of equity trading on 28th of September, Deltagon Group Oy’s biggest shareholder is an international equity fund, which..

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Greetings from the latest IT Security Conference in Oslo, Norway!

Deltagon sponsored the annual IDC IT Security roadshow in Gamle Museet, Oslo, on September 21st 2017. Main themes of the..

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Save time and money with digital signature – make life easy

Have you ever thought that the signing process can take days or even weeks in worst cases? Documents are sent between..

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Quick and easy e-signature with Deltagon secSigned solution

Deltagon secSigned solution enables electronic signatures for different kinds of documents and makes practical problems,..

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Deltagon in IDC’s IT Security 2017 conference in Norway

Deltagon is participating in the annual IT Security roadshow in Oslo, which examines global and regional trends related..



Deltagon has launched a new product: digital signature for quick electronic services

Deltagon secSigned solution, developed for electronic signing, was released 29.8.2017 on a sunny August morning in..

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Deltagon launches new partner program

Deltagon has a new partner program. From now on we'll be even able to serve CSP-partners.

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What should a company take into account when considering investing in security solutions?

Many managers agree that security solutions are necessary and that the protection of electronic communication is..

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Simplicity improves email security

If e-mail encryption is found to be too difficult users many times look for an easier way to do the task. E-mail security..

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Email encryption enhances communication – without compromising information security

Information security of an unprotected email is as weak as that of a postcard: message is available for anyone to read...

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