Need to share large files securely?

Sharing large files electronically to outsiders can be a problem for many companies. It is even bigger problem if the files include confidential data. How can large files be shared with others securely?

Sending large attachments by e-mail has many problems. For example, e-mail attachments can get rejected if you don't know what the upper limit on a file size is for sender or recipient. Another problem is the fact that e-mail has no data security and therefore confidential files cannot be sent using normal e-mail.

Sending large files with secure e-mail

Deltagon’s e-mail encryption solution allows sending larger files than any normal e-mail client supports. As the secure message is read with a browser, usual e-mail size limitations are not an issue.

However, in situations where there are several recipients and versions of the file are sent back and forth or you want to be sure that the file is stored securely, it might be better to use another approach.

For this purpose, we recommend a secure workspace where the file can be downloaded safely and different users can access it from there.

Sharing large files securely in a collaboration tool

Sharing files with larger audience, such as a team or project group, is most convenient in an electronic collaboration tool. In Deltagon’s solution, you can easily download a large file for others to see and comment.

You can invite people from your own organization but also from outside the organization. It is even possible to make sure that the file cannot be downloaded but is only readable.

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