Make the deal of a lifetime securely in under "F. I. V. E." minutes

As the world rapidly changes towards a paperless and digitalized environment, many companies are searching for a digital signature solution.

Have you ever worried that asking for a signature might bother the other party? In fact, so have we, therefore we felt it is important to enable signing which is not dependent on place or time and doesn't require effort.

We wanted to create a solution with which you can make a deal in under 5 minutes and get F.I.V.E. benefits while doing so:

F. Fast – quick and easy regardless of time and place

I. Integrable – integrate documents directly into back-end systems

V. Verifiable – documents verifiable after signing

E. Electronic – digital and uses strong electronic identification

With our newest electronic signature solution secSigned you can request a signature directly by email or from your browser, you can even do it on location. Deltagon secSigned is a digital signature solution with which you can make agreements with just a few clicks. Be it a customer, partner, or if you only need the CEO’s signature who has gone sailing, asking for it will not bother the recipient nor the sender.

The value of secSigned is that whoever the recipient is, they don’t have to go through the hassle of printing and signing a document(s), only to have to scan it once more to send it back. The physical location isn't a restriction either, since it's electronic. Consequently, all unnecessary steps involved with paper agreements can be forgotten and your CEO, customer or partner has time for more important matters, and so do you.

You might ask, what exactly is needed from the sender and recipient to make an agreement with secSigned? For example:

  • To send a signature request, you only need the recipient’s email address(es).
  • To sign, the recipient only needs to authenticate with the chosen authentication method (handwriting, bank, or other).

As a result, making agreements is less of a burden for everyone, and no great deal will be lost due to difficulties with the signing process.

Thank you for reading about e-signatures. I would gladly discuss the possibilities of how we can help your company with secSigned! You can contact me by phone at +358 40 669 0881 or by email at

Johan Godenhjelm

Johan works as a Sales Manager at Deltagon Group Oy.

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