International growth continues - Deltagon opens a branch office in Norway

Deltagon Group Oy continues its international growth and expands its operations in the Nordic countries by establishing a branch office in Norway.

Deltagon has, according to its strategy, developed its business in Norway by establishing a branch office Deltagon Norway NUF (Norskregistrert utenlandsk foretak). The company operates in cyber security, providing Norwegians with secure solutions for electronic communications.

Jari Holmborg, CEO of Deltagon, describes the development as follows:

“A few years ago, we conducted a market survey in Norway to find out the potential. We noticed that there is a need for our products. We worked with our local partner to develop our products to be more compatible with the Norwegian market, for example by integrating strong electronic authentication method for Norwegians to our products.”


“It is very important for us to support our clients and partners outside Finland. Implementation of sales from Finland or Sweden is, however, challenging and we believe that the establishment of the branch office and having local presence is a natural step towards a better service for our growing clientele in Norway”, Jari continues.

A few months ago, Deltagon strengthened its presence in Norway by appointing Cecilie Tolun Andersen as Sales Manager in Norway. At the same time, Deltagon opened an office in Norway to Tollbugata 8 B, 0152 Oslo.

“The office in Oslo as well as a native sales professional allows us greater visibility in Norway. In addition, we want to communicate to both current and future customers that we are serious about coming to the Norwegian market. Norway is almost the size of Finland and our aim is to grow profitably there. We believe that after few years we will have several people permanently working at our office”, says Jari.

Additional information:

Jari Holmborg, CEO, +358 400 444 830,

Cecilie Andersen, Sales Manager, +47 980 66 235,


Deltagon Group Oy is a Finnish cyber security company that develops information security solutions for electronic communications and electronic services across a wide range of industries from the financial sector to public administration - and everything in between. Deltagon is part of Erillisverkot Group.

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