Internal approval process – electronically and securely

An employee sends a bill for monthly expenses. A manager must accept the invoice, after which it will be paid. The familiar situation? Are processes in your company already managed electronically? And are the information security and data protection aspects of approval processes considered?

There are endless similar situations in companies. The approval policy for invoices, customer refunds, access rights, payroll approvals, or selected vendors are some common examples.

Don’t make the processes overly complicated

The harder a process is for a user, the easier it is to leave it undone or to do it wrong. From the information security point of view, it is also worth noting that the less is left to human error the less likely it is that human errors occur.

How can the approval process be implemented?

There are many ways to implement a process safely. The chosen method naturally depends on what the aim of the process is. We have implemented numerous different solutions to approval processes, below a few examples.

  • Monthly expenses are reported using an electronic form, which must be completed by the employee and accompanied by receipts. The supervisor receives an invitation by email to accept or reject the invoice. If the supervisor accepts the expense claim, this information will be sent directly to the financial administration and the invoice will be paid.
  • If applications need to be stored safely, perhaps even so that multiple people can access them, they are delivered to an electronic workspace. In the safe workspace, applications can be processed centralized and there can even be discussions about them. Documents can also be sent to supervisors, CEO or even members of the Board of Directors for signature directly from this workspace.
  • In a tripartite transaction, Company A sells the services provided and invoiced by Partner C to Customer B. Customer B sends a billing report from the transaction in Excel format to Partner C for approval and then the report arrives at Company A, which charges a commission from Partner C based on the report.

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