Independent and user friendly channel for whistleblowing

Reporting internal misconduct, or even suspicions of such, may be high threshold for an employee. If the report can’t be done anonymously, it may endanger the whistleblowers legal protection and the threshold for whistleblowing may rise.

Protecting the identity of the whistleblower

Practical violations and suspicions of misconducts are perceived in all levels of the organization. Therefore all customers, employees and stakeholders should be encouraged to report and blow the whistle when needed.

However, the person behind the complaint may face problems if their identity is revealed. They can face discrimination or even retaliation. In order to avoid this situation, whistleblower must be given the opportunity to write the report fully anonymous.

Revealing misconduct while protecting the identity of the whistleblower

Secure whistleblowing system protects the whistleblowers identity when, for example, the employee feels the need to report wrongdoings or their suspicions of it within the organization.

With Deltagon’s whistleblowing solution you can:

  • Secure the informant’s identity
  • Make sure the whistleblower is safe from retaliation or unfair actions
  • Prevent costs from misconducts
  • Increase the risk of getting caught of persons who violate regulations
  • Improve compliance with regulations
  • Improve internal control and risk management

With the Deltagon’s whistleblowing solution anyone who knows the particular URL-address can report a violation without endangering their identity. The solution is easy for the organization to deploy, for example directly from the Deltagon cloud service.

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