Improve service with electronic forms

Especially the public sector uses a lot of so-called electronic forms which in reality are only files on a website that customer has to fill, print and sign by hand and then return by post. In practice, this is not electronic service and hardly supports online customer service. The only relief is that a customer no longer needs to visit an office building to pick up a form.

Why are forms still distributed as files that must be printed

Nowadays there is a lot of talk about digitalization where the object is, among other things, to remove steps requiring paper or other manual processing. Why are forms still distributed as files that must be printed and why are there no channels to return them electronically? One reason can surely be found in information security. For example, in public administration a lot of personal and confidential information is collected with forms; personal identity code, diseases and other information that you do not want outsiders to know about.

However, many people find manual forms frustrating in the digitalized world of today where we are accustomed to easy and quick online transactions. Digital service process is solvable. Electronic forms can be published in a way that takes information security and data protection into account; in such a way that information flows only to the parties to whom it is intended, among other things.

Time to move to the present day

Would now be a good time to move on to the present day and start providing genuinely electronic services also in respect to forms? We think so, because customers today want their services online, quickly and easily right when it suits them. Simultaneously time is saved when forms arrive immediately and all of them are filled in a similar clear manner or even transferred directly into the processing system.

Deltagon has a solution with which also forms that require a high level of data protection can be published without coding skills, filled online and delivered fully electronically.

How about you also move to the present day and ask us how we can offer a secure platform for your electronic forms that supports your electronic services!

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