Identifying email recipient – how and why?

Do you send e-mails on confidential matters? Do you know who reads the e-mail you have sent? Want to be sure who the e-mail recipient is? With secure e-mail, it can be done.

E-mail’s suitability for sending confidential information can be made more concrete with the following questions. Are you sure the e-mail you sent goes through to the recipient? Do you notice if someone reads or copies your messaging, some of the messages intended to you does not arrive or the content of the message changes along the way?

E-mail encryption brings a solution to the previous questions. In addition, you can use secure e-mail to identify the recipient. This is particularly important in situations where the parties have no previous communication.

Secure e-mail and recipient identification

There are several options for identifying the recipient and their level of reliability varies. It is impossible to give one advice to all situations. The protection requirement of the information contained in the message determines the level at which the recipient should be identified. The security need in return is defined by the organization's information security policy. Based on the security policy, users can be instructed to select a suitable method of identification or by automatic means prevented from sending the message without the necessary security.

Deltagon's secure e-mail contains several ways to identify the recipient. Two-factor authentication (2FA) can be achieved, for example, by using strong electronic identification which is always linked to the official identity of a person. Identification tools include online bank identifiers and mobile certificates issued by telecommunications operators.

In many cases, however, less is enough. The recipient can be identified, for example, by using a one-time PIN sent to the recipient’s mobile phone when the message is opened. In addition to deliberate e-mail spying, any message sent to a wrong address cannot be opened by the recipient.

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