How to track the progress of your contract signing process?

You send a contract to the customer and feverishly wait for it to return signed. You do not know whether the customer has received the contract, read it, or perhaps have already sent it back. Does this sound familiar?

The situation is very common to people in sales. The contract was sent a week ago, but you do not know whether it's coming in by post today or maybe it's still laying on the corner of the signatory’s table. Or, in the worst case, the contract has not even reached its destination.

The status of a contract sent by traditional post or e-mail attachment must be checked by contacting the recipient of the message. However, contacting busy people by phone or e-mails takes time and may feel annoying.

What if it could happen more easily?

Digital signature makes it easy to track the status of the contract signing process

A digital signature allows you to follow the progress of the contract signing process in a new way.

  • Was the mail delivered? You can check if the message has been opened.
  • Was the document read? You can check if files have been viewed.
  • Was the contract signed? You will be notified when a signature is given.
  • Are changes needed? You will be notified if the agreement is not accepted.
  • Want to revoke contract before signing? You can cancel the process and the contract is no longer visible nor can be signed.
  • Why is the contract not signed yet? Signatories receive an automatic reminder to sign the contract. You can also send extra reminders from the system.
  • When will the signed agreement arrive? There is no need to wait for a signed document. It will arrive electronically to all parties immediately after all signers have signed.

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