How to make it easier and faster to sign a contract?

The details of a huge deal are finally agreed upon and the contract only need the official signature. However, the signatory is nowhere near the office for days. What to do?

“The CEO is abroad, you’ll get the contract papers in a couple of weeks”

The seller knows that the customer is in a hurry to get the ball rolling. The contract negotiations have been ongoing for weeks and finally both parties have come to an understanding. Excited about the big deal, the seller calls the contact person to agree on a schedule.

Over the phone the seller finds out that the director who signs significant business deals at the customer corporation is located in another country. This means the contract signed by CEO must be mailed abroad by post after which the agreement signed by both parties will be returned. Only after it arrives has the deal been officially concluded.

However, this is not the only problem. The CEO has gone on holiday for a week and the only other person authorized to sign for the company is on long sick leave. The seller is not eager to say to the customer: “The CEO is abroad, you’ll get the contract papers in a couple of weeks”.

“Why must it be so difficult to get a signature?”

The situation is unfortunate from the point of view of both the seller and the customer. Both hope that things will progress quickly. Production has also been prepared to start immediately and delaying the start will impact the schedule. The seller keeps thinking: “Why must it be so difficult to get a signature?”

What can one do?

Vacation periods, longer business trips and busy schedules often delay the signing of contracts. Not to mention the distance between offices. However, there is no obligation to sign contracts by hand. Electronic signature has been confirmed by law as a valid way of finalizing contracts throughout the EU.

Printing a document, manually signing it, mailing or scanning and sending it to the other party takes a lot of time. An electronic signature is reliable and can save you tens or even hundreds of hours of time. In addition, the electronic signature enables significant cost savings when printing and mailing costs are removed.

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