How to improve business with information security

Companies want to stay ahead of their competitors but to be at the fore front means constant business development, such as improving and developing business processes. How can information security affect business development in digital communication?

In business development it’s worthwhile going through bottle necks in current functions and considering how you can enhance them. Digitalization has given us many good ways to streamline processes. In a digital world the importance of securing information is increasing day by day as often the affair in question includes confidential or business critical information. Additionally, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) adds to the company's resposibilities in regards to handling personal data if they have operation in Europe.

Below you'll find some examples on how to effect business development by securing information in digital communication:

  1. Sending confidential e-mails securely abroad

    Companies have lots of confidential information that has to be communicated outside of the organization. However, sending e-mail messages can be extremely risky. There are several cases where, for example, company sends invoices or other messages in pdf-format abroad and the messages are captured on the way and their content is modified.

    That’s why it’s worthwhile ensuring that confidential e-mails are secured and the content is safe and unchangeable all the way to the recipient.
  1. Following the compliance of information securing policy

    Many times organizations have no knowledge of how much data classified as confidential is sent outside of the company by e-mail and whether the information is secured at an adequate level.

    With E-mail Data Loss Prevention (DLP) companies can follow, how the information security guidelines are followed in e-mail messaging. Simultaniously, it is also possible to prevent data leaks caused by human errors by preventing the sending of confidential information without securing it.
  1. Digital signature regardless of place

    In companies it may take a lot of time to get different documents signed in case paper, pen and mail is used. For example, in companies that operate in service industry, the amount of agreements may be growing in the office, while CEO is away and that can weaken the operation of sales and customer service. With digital signature agreements can be signed anywhere with internet connection.
  1. Electronic signature accelerates handling of cases

    For example in construction sites there are typically lots of printed reports and minutes to be signed manually. That can be a very slow way to get reports and minutes signed as the site manager has several construction sites to visit before the documents are ready. The papers may even get lost in the way.

    Signing documents digitally makes the handling of cases easy as the signing can be done for example with a tablet whenever and wherever. The head office is also able to follow the case and how it proceeds.
  1. Sending a confidential e-mail message straight from the system

    Confidential data stored in different systems can be complicated to deliver to a customer or another recipient. The data has to be e.g. printed to get it out of the system – after that it is sent by mail and it takes some time before it arrives.

    For example different reports and passwords related to systems can be sent immediately to a customer with e-mail encryption with just one click or automatically at specified time intervals. This makes the work of staff much easier and reduces costs.

Improve customer satisfaction, cut costs and grow profit by developing and enhancing business processes with information security.

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