How do I verify who fills out a form?

Does your company collect data using forms? If the form is not personally returned, do you have the means to verify who actually filled in and sent the form?

By post or by electronic means?

Filling out forms is familiar to us all. It is often necessary to identify a form filler. If the form is printed on paper, it must be delivered in person to the addressee who can then verify the identity from ID card. In the digital world, where time is money, waiting in the office for your turn usually does not appeal to customers.

Electronic forms can be used to provide electronic customer service. Completed forms will be delivered to the company automatically in electronic format, without any intermediate steps in the mail. The electronic mode of operation is quick and easy for both parties. What about security?

Data security and identification

If personal data or other confidential information is collected on forms, data security and data protection must be considered. What information is stored? Who has access to it?

It may also be necessary to identify the form filler. There are many ways to confirm identity. The most reliable one is strong electronic identification, in which parties can rely on the fact that they are dealing with the correct person online. In practice, this means, for example, identifying by bank identifiers or a mobile certificate.

However, all forms do not require the same strong identification. In such situations, you can use, for example, an e-mail address, a PIN sent to a mobile phone or a password to verify a person.

How are things done in your organization?

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