Have a Happy and Safe Christmas!

Author Jari Holmborg

We would like to take this opportunity to say a big “Thank You” to all our customers and partners for the year 2017. Our office serves normally through the Christmas holidays.

At Deltagon, the beginning of Christmas was traditionally celebrated with a delicious Christmas dinner with customers and partners both in Finland and Sweden.



Thank you for the year 2017

The past year has been colourful for us in many respects. In the spring we renewed our look & feel and our web page. In August, we announced our new secSigned product for the electronic signature of documents.

Our ownership also changed two times during the year. By the end of September, our main shareholder was Nordic Cyber Security Oy, established by a Lithuanian investment fund. In the beginning of December, State Security Networks Group Finland (Suomen Erillisverkot in Finnish) acquired the entire share capital of Nordic Cyber Security Oy and thus we became part of State Security Networks Group Finland.

Our growth continues to be strong. This year we have received several new customers and partners from Finland and Sweden but for example also from Norway. Our new Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) partner program was well received.

We look forward to next year with great interest, new challenges brought by it and, for example, the impact of the GDPR on the electronic communications of companies and organizations.

But before we move on to year 2018, us Deltagoons want to thank all our customers and partners for the past year and for the good cooperation we’ve had!

- Jari

P.S. This year we donated our Christmas card funds to the protection of the Baltic Sea.


Jari Holmborg

M.Sc.(econ.) Jari Holmborg is the CEO of Deltagon Group Oy. Jari has over 20 years’ experience of executive positions in the IT and information security sector, as well as the internationalization of business. He has also been actively involved in the Finnish start-up software companies’ internationalization by mentoring in the international clinic programs of The Finnish Software Entrepreneurs Association, for example.

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