Has your project come in to a standstill due to missing approval?

Everyone who has ever been part of a project probably recognizes a situation where project has come to a standstill and deadlines fly past. The reasons for the stop vary vastly. However, one of the reasons could very well be that you are waiting for an approval of sort, either from the customer or internally for example from the CEO.

“Until approval will be obtained, the construction at the site will stand still.”

At the construction site work is progressing smoothly. The contracts are in order and the work is being done at a rapid pace. There are a lot of workers on site to finish the work rapidly. In the middle of the job however it is noticed that additional materials are needed, something that was not considered at the time of the original offer. construction-signatureThe additional order of course means a written approval from the customer. Until approval will be obtained, the construction at the site will stand still.

Delays during any project are a common problem. In the case of the construction site a written approval for an additional order of materials is needed. Experience shows that verbally agreed matters can easily be forgotten especially within project that may last for several weeks or months. Resolving the matters post-completion can be frustrating for both parties. Changes in contact persons may also bring its own challenges to oral agreements.

“Digital signature is a simple and efficient method to reduce the approval time.”

Many times, the customer or the company CEO is not available to come to the site to sign the papers. Therefore, in so many cases the approval is delayed. Digital signature is a simple and efficient method to reduce the approval time.

With digital signature, work can be conveniently arranged without meeting the other party face to face. The counterparty may grant approval digitally from anywhere, anytime. There is no need for printing of paper. The person requesting the signature is immediately notified and the work can continue.

By having additional orders approved in writing right away, there is no need to clarify the uncertainties afterwards. Both parties have a copy of the agreement and co-operation with partners will speed up and become easier.

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