Greetings from the latest IT Security Conference in Oslo, Norway!

Deltagon sponsored the annual IDC IT Security roadshow in Gamle Museet, Oslo, on September 21st 2017. Main themes of the event included GDPR compliance 2018, next generation firewalls in the cloud, cloud based service models, automating advanced cyber defense and human-centric security.

I held a presentation in the event about how to better manage and secure the digital workplace. I talked about the e-mail security market from 2015 to 2020 and how does the future of e-mail encryption look like.


I also emphasized how essential e-mail security is to business, for example, because of the estimated growing volume of the confidential e-mails. Participants also got to hear interesting use cases of Deltagons’ customers.


There were altogether 140 participants in the conference. During the day we had a chance to meet several interesting potential clients whose challenges we can solve with our solutions as well as have a chat with some of our current customers.

For us, the event was a success and we were delighted to see guests lining up and waiting to visit our stand. Next year we’ll have even more representatives from our company as unfortunately there wasn’t enough time to have a chat with all the people wanting to talk about our information security solutions.

In summary, the conference was well arranged and served its purpose and we are looking forward to next year’s event and seeing even more participants then.

Please contact me for more information about e-mail encryption and e-mail security.

Jyri Vikström
Sales Director, International Trade

Jyri Vikström

Jyri Vikström is the VP of Sales in Deltagon Group Oy. Jyri has over 20 years’ experience of various positions in the military, aviation and security business. He has been actively involved in the development of various security solutions and systems. He has also held several positions in ASIS Finland.

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