GDPR and secure communications in Åland

Deltagon had the honour of arranging an event at the Maritime Museum in Mariehamn in collaboration with its partner Consilia Solutions Ab on 25 April.

During the day, topics about GDPR and secure electronic communications were discussed. We went through Deltagon’s solutions for secure electronic communications such as email encryption, secure workspace and digital signature. This event was organized in cooperation with our partner Consilia, which resells Deltagon's solutions, for example, on Åland.


We would like to warmly thank all the participants who came to the event. Thanks for the fantastic day in Åland and for being so involved in the matter. We noticed that GDPR and its effects are a topical issue in Åland and we are pleased that we were able to discuss our solutions to meet its demands.

I would like to especially thank our partner Consilia for arranging the event and that they took such good care of us during our stay.

Thank you Åland and huge thanks to Consilia!

I look forward to continuing the discussions, +358 40 669 0881,

-Johan Godenhjelm

Johan Godenhjelm

Johan works as a Sales Manager at Deltagon Group Oy.

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