Enhance processes with electronic forms

Internal processes can be very complicated and may require contribution from many people. When using a traditional approach, papers are delivered from person to person for additional information, confirmation and signatures.

Many times there are situations where no one knows who holds the paper at the moment or why the process is stalled. Once the process is completed, the decision is often recorded on an electronic system, the papers are scanned into electronic format and the file is archived.

How can the company's internal processes be modernized and streamlined?

There is a very common situation in the business world where a new employee needs a computer, phone or access to different systems. The supervisor first supports the employee's wishes or presents his own choice. Approval may be required from the person in charge of finance. Information management can in turn be responsible for making the order or sending the usernames and passwords. As you can see, there are many factors in the process, and handling in on paper can be ineffective and slow.

It is possible to improve the operation by making the process completely electronic. With electronic forms, this multi-step process can also be speeded up and managed better.

Managing internal order processes with electronic forms

Using the previous example, an employee can request a new work phone via an electronic form on the intra. The supervisor will receive an e-mail with a link to the completed form that he can read, comment on and, if he wishes, approve.

After approval, the form can continue to go to the department where accepted phone orders and provisioning are processed. The entire process is electronic and hereby avoids the slow drift of paper from one corner of the table to another. The system automatically handles the delivery of the form at every stage.

Manage multistage processes using electronic forms

A company's multistage processes, even those that require approvals, can be managed with Deltagon's secure electronic forms.

  • Saves time and money
  • It is possible to monitor the progress of the process
  • Time and place independent
  • The applicant/processor/acceptor can be identified
  • Data can be archived in electronic format

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