Encrypt emails with your company's own look and feel

E-mail encryption is often perceived difficult. The expression itself can bring up images of encryption keys, passwords, and installed software. However, e-mail encryption can be easy and can even enhance the image of your business.

As today's most important communication channel is e-mail, communication gives a lot of opportunities to bring your business up in a positive light. E-mail security can for example emphasize the fact that security is taken seriously in the company.

Using your company's brand in an e-mail security solution

Companies who use Deltagon Sec@GW e-mail encryption solution have noticed that branding their personal message with their own logo, colors, and texts has improved their customer experience.

So, lets us ask the question, what is the value of using your company's own graphical look in a secured email?

  • Improved customer service experience
  • Improved customer trust in the company and its electronic communications
  • More credible corporate communication
  • Clearer for the customer who the sender is
  • Enhanced company's image by bringing the brand into electronic communication

It's good to remember that even if you use a secure solution, it can still be easy to use and stylish.

Contact me, so we can see how the solution looks like for your brand. You can contact me directly at +358 9 6850 3234 or email

- Johan Godenhjelm

Johan Godenhjelm

Johan works as a Sales Manager at Deltagon Group Oy.

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