Email encryption enhances communication – without compromising information security

Information security of an unprotected email is as weak as that of a postcard: message is available for anyone to read. Therefore email is not in itself compatible for sending confidential information.

If an email cannot be encrypted, then the company must resort to traditional methods. Courier will carry the information safely to the destination – at latest within few days, after several work stages. This is certainly not the most effective option.

In today’s rapidly changing business environment you can’t afford to waste days to transfer confidential data. Unexpected opportunities or risks do not wait – hence the need for a channel where also critical information can reach its destination quickly and safely.

Email encryption solution creates conditions for effective communication in unison with the information security policy. The best email encryption solution is flexible and bends to different communicational needs: communication of critical data requires robust protection while daily communication can be done with less security. Simple process saves time.

Email encryption also reduces information leaks caused by urgency or human error. When there is a fast channel for confidential communication available, the personnel don’t resort to sending data unprotected even in a hurry.  Risks for information security and reputation are hereby reduced significantly.

In organizations decisions must be made rapidly and on time, and the information needed to make those decisions must be delivered securely. When a courier is only starting off, the secure email has already led to action.

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